What is NAA?

Normopsychotic Ambulotic Anthrosis, commonly abbreviated as normopsychosis, normopsychotic anthrosis, or NAA, is a birth disorder that affects the ability of the brain and nervous system to function properly. When attempted to treat, it will cause permanent eccentric behavior. A side effect of someone who has been immunized against normopsychotic ambulotic anthrosis is insanity.

The Statistics

Just over 74% of all people are born with normopsychotic ambulotic anthrosis. However, since the disorder is extremely common, most people stop suffering from it at ages 13-18.

The Effects

Permanent effects/symptoms of normopsychotic ambulotic anthrosis include the following (but are not limited to):

The Situation

Right now, the U.S. Government is completely refusing to acknowledge normopsychotic ambulotic anthrosis as a valid disorder. Even though it is a serious issue, they persist in neglecting it as a myth. But they simply cannot deny the poor 74% of all humanity that is suffering from this neglected birth disorder. Before millions more encounter attacks of neurological and muscular dormosis in their sleep, and before someone else suddenly succumbs to cardiac hemiasis, an accumulation of fluid in the heart, we need to take action! You can help by donating to this urgent cause here!